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Complimentary Hearing Aid Batteries for Life........Saving You Thousands!

Hearing aids perform complex functions to amplify the sound correctly to meet your needs and the varying listening environments you’re in throughout the day. Because of this hearing aid batteries will typically last about 5-7 days depending on the size of the battery, your model hearing aid, level of hearing loss, and the demands of the location where you use them. The more active your hearing aid is, the more battery power will be used. One of the major benefits of choosing Audicles Hearing Services is we provide you with high quality batteries for the life of your hearing aid. We do this as a service to all of our patients. Audicles Hearing Services understands that you have many options of audiologists and we want to thank you for choosing us - providing this money saving benefit is just one way to help maintain that trust. No matter what style hearing aid you select, you can usually expect the cost of the fitting to be included in the price. However, you will need to consider the additional cost of the batteries, which vary from style to style, as well as how long they will last (some models go through a new battery EVERY WEEK), since this can factor heavily into the overall investment. You can expect to spend anywhere from about $5 to $20 a battery, although the brand and type can affect the price, and you may be able to buy them in bulk to save money. So when you consider you could be changing batteries every week that could exceed $1,400 a year. That cost doubles if you have two hearing aids. Why spend money needlessly? All customers who purchase hearing aids from Audicles Hearing Services receive complimentary batteries for the life of the device. Let us pay for your batteries.