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We bring our patients the latest Hearing Aids and Assistive Devices.

Our Hearing Products

Audicles Hearing Services partners with the top hearing aid manufacturers to bring our patients the latest hearing aids and assistive devices. The hearing aids we offer are discreet, most are wireless, some are even Bluetooth capable. The devices we offer provide solutions for all lifestyles, level of hearing loss and budgets.


The ALL NEW ReSound LiNX™

Audicles Hearing Services is so excited to offer the new ReSound LiNX™, an amazing new technology that offers a superior sound experience, setting new standards for hearing aid performance. This made for iPhone® hearing aid provides direct sound streaming, personalized to your every need. Connect to what you love through your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® and enjoy high quality sound through hearing aids that act like wireless stereo headphones. You don’t need to have an iPhone to appreciate the incredible sound quality of these hearing aids!

ReSound Verso RIE

The Verso RIE (receiver in ear) comes in three different models. The smallest model is fully automatic; so are the other two, but they also have control options that allow you to select the setting that is right for you in a given situation. You can even do this with a remote control if you prefer. All ReSound Verso hearing aids are coated inside and out with iSolate™ nanotech to protect against moisture and ensure great durability.

ReSound Verso BTE

The Verso BTE (behind the ear) models are slim and elegant, giving you great wearing comfort. In this type of hearing aid, the main section of the hearing aid is behind the ear. This model is for people with mild to profound hearing loss. All ReSound Verso hearing aids are coated inside and out with iSolate™ nanotech to protect against moisture and ensure great durability.

ReSound Verso Remote Microphone

A unique category that takes discretion and great sound quality to a new level. The uniqueness lies in its design: To give you a far better sound experience, the microphone has been moved to the top of the outer ear, allowing it to receive sound in the same way as the natural ear does. All ReSound Verso hearing aids are coated inside and out with iSolate™ nanotech to protect against moisture and ensure great durability.

ReSound Verso Custom ITE

The Verso Custom ITE (in the ear) model is molded to fit the contours of your ear to ensure perfect fit and great wearing comfort. There are three models, including a new, ultra-discreet solution called an IIC (invisible in the canal). All ReSound Verso hearing aids are coated inside and out with iSolate™ nanotech to protect against moisture and ensure great durability.



This hearing aid system is designed specifically for those with hearing in one ear only. A small transmitter is placed on the ear with no usable hearing, and sound from that side is transmitted to the better hearing ear. A hearing aid is worn on the better hearing hearing ear to pick up sound from the opposite side, and can also amplify sound for the better ear if a hearing loss exists.

Sky Q

This hearing aid was designed specifically with children in mind. The hearing aid case is water resistant and extremely durable. SoundRecover technology allows the device to make high pitched sounds easier to detect. These devices also are designed to easily work with Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) such as FM systems, which many children with hearing loss use for classroom listening.


The Roger system replaces the traditional FM system, and is designed to meet the listening needs of both children and adults in a variety of listening environments. Roger uses a combination of a transmitter and a receiver paired to your personal hearing aid. The system can be paired to any hearing aid that has a telecoil.


Oticon Chili

Oticon Chili Oticon Chili’s Spatial Noise Management feature makes busy situations more manageable by prioritising speech over noise. This makes it easier for you to locate and follow the person talking. Chili also has directional microphones. These automatically dampen any noise coming from the sides and behind to help you focus on the voices you want to hear.


Musician Ear Plugs

The earpiece of choice for performing musicians and concert attendees and also a great option for anyone who needs to hear accurately in high noise environments. Popular with music teachers, DJs, flight attendants, bartenders, waitresses, dentists and dental workers, this style is a canal-style earplug that is virtually unnoticeable. The flat attenuation characteristics allow the wearer to hear accurately - but at a safer volume.

Swimmers Ear Plugs

This full shell swim plug features a sealed membrane spanning the sound bore to keep cold water and cold air out of the ear canal. Recommended for use by active people when swimming, surfing, skiing, biking and jogging. Not a noise plug, this style also allows basic conversation while in the ear. Available in a variety of colors and color combinations.

Shooters Ear Plugs

This earplug is designed for people who are around guns on a regular basis. There are various types and are fit depending on a person’s needs.


ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone

Extends the reach of the user's hearing aids beyond the capabilities of any directional microphone. It is a discreet clip-on microphone transmitting speech directly to the hearing aids. So he or she can enjoy one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations. It also functions as a personal, portable audio streamer to help listen to iPod or laptop. It can also be placed in front of the TV speakers to stream directly to the ears.

ReSound Unite Phone Clip+

Makes talking on the mobile phone automatic, effortless and reliable. It gives the hearing aid user wireless connection between his or her Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and the hearing aids. It's a small, lightweight device that can be clipped on to clothes or on to a car’s sun visor. This device also doubles as a remote control.

ReSound Unite™ Remote Control

The ReSound Unite Remote Control is for hearing aid users who appreciate an easy overview of their hearing aids and accessory settings. It provides an easy way to change programs, adjust volume and start streaming from ReSound Unite TV. With the Remote Control the hearing aid user can adjust the settings on each hearing aid individually.

ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer

The ReSound Unite TV Streamer transforms the user's hearing aids into a set of smart and discreet wireless headphones. It sends stereo sound from the TV directly into their hearing aids, wirelessly. With Unite TV the hearing aid user can enjoy strong, clear TV sound and, at the same time, take part in conversations and keep track of the sounds around them.