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Who is
"Jimmy" ?

Jimmy the Giraffe is uniquely adapted to help people learn about hearing loss, hearing evaluations and hearing aids.  The Audicles Hearing Services spokes animal spreads the word about everything you need to know about hearing loss. Our tall friend has traveled the globe to become an authority on the many facets of hearing loss and hearing aids.


Jimmy makes appearances in Audicles Hearing Services television commercials pointing out when people may need to have their hearing checked and always making it clear that Audicles Hearing Services is there to help you RISE Above Hearing Loss.


His constant good cheer, insatiable need to meet people, and natural likeability all make him perfectly suited to help people find more information about the types of hearing loss and hearing aids. In fact, Jimmy explains it best himself: “My job is to help you have a better quality of life. I love my job!”


In his free time, Jimmy enjoys taking long walks, catching a Spurs game and going out to eat – he is a vegetarian.


As Audicles Hearing Services ambassador of great customer service and professional care, Jimmy may be spotted at many places where you find people in need of hearing services. Keep an eye out for him around San Antonio.