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Free Hearing Evaluation

At Audicles Hearing Services we meet all of your hearing needs with expert staff, using the most advanced technology available in testing. Some see audiologic evaluation as “just a hearing test,” but it’s more than “just” the ability to hear sounds. Our evaluation consists of a battery of tests conducted by trained audiologists to obtain vital information.

Our audiological evaluation will determine the degree of hearing loss you may be experiencing, as well as the type of hearing loss.

With regard to the type of hearing loss, the loss may be conductive (a temporary or permanent hearing loss typically due to abnormal conditions of the outer and/or middle ear); sensorineural (typically a permanent hearing loss due to disease, trauma, or inherited conditions affecting the nerve cells in the cochlea, the inner ear, or the eighth cranial nerve); mixed (a combination of conductive and sensorineural components); or a central auditory processing disorder (a condition where the brain has difficulty processing auditory signals that are heard.)

Hearing Aid Cleaning & Adjustments

Like any mechanical device that is used on a constant basis, it is important to have your hearing aids regularly maintained. You can trust Audicles Hearing to be your resource to clean and repair your hearing aids. If you currently wear hearing aids and find them performing at less than an optimum level or even if they don’t work at all, bring them in and let our staff of professionals take care of them. We provide cleaning, repair work and make any necessary adjustments you may need.

Personalized Selection and Fitting of Hearing Aids

Even the most advanced hearing aids can create frustration if they are not personally fitted to your level of hearing loss and lifestyle needs. We have years of experience at matching patients with the best hearing aid options. We use the most advanced fitting methods available to ensure that your devices are comfortable and provide you with maximum clarity.

Extensive Counseling

Our staff has a vast amount of experience with interviewing patients, administering diagnostic testing, and understanding how to give you better hearing and thereby, improving your life. We will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates the most effective, custom-programmed solutions available to achieve better hearing.

Custom and Specialty Earmolds

The following are some of the advantages of having custom ear molds for your personal listening:

-Improved audibility and clarity: Sound is channeled directly to the ear drum
-Secure in the ear: No more readjusting to get the best sound
-Completely comfortable: Perfect custom fit for long wearing times
-Reduces noise interference: Snug seal cuts out background noise

Audicles Hearing Services can provide custom hearing protection for every recreation or high-noise job demand. Our custom filtered plugs are ideal for sleeping, swimming, musicians, their fans, hunters, motor sports enthusiasts and more.